How to Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

The following instructions are designed to help pet owners effectively remove all the pet urine from carpets, rugs, and padding. Pet Force utilizes both bacteria and enzymes to break down urine.

Please wear gloves throughout this entire process.

1) Before treating the area with Pet Force, remove as much urine as possible with water. You will also need a properly treated and sealed wet/dry vacuum cleaner, god quality paper towels or other disposable cleaning product. This will ensure that your stain receives the maximum effect from our product.

Our recommendation is that you pour 4-8 ounces of warm water on the accident area. Extract or absorb this water from the carpeting. Repeat as needed, typically 3-4 times total. Remember, you are trying to dilute and remove as much of the urine as possible prior to treatment with Pet Force.

2) Use Pet Force as directed on the container. Note that Pet Force should be diluted up to 8:1 with warm tap water, depending on the size and severity of the problem area.

3) Allow Pet Force to work, undisturbed, for up to 24 hours.

4) Allow the area to air dry. This may take more than 24 hours, depending on ambient conditions. This might take as much as 4 days.

5) Once completely dry, vacuum and inspect area. Odor should be removed. If not, repeat procedure. For larger areas it is common that this procedure be repeated several times.






I just wanted to express my DEEPEST appreciation & gratitude for your Pet Force product. It is not a good feeling when your cat pees all over your clothes & floor. That Pet Force is effective & it smells good is… relieving. I just can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU.

I specialize in urine contamination treatment, so I’ve worked on hundreds of urine problems over the years, and I’ve never found anything that works quite like Pet Force. I tried it on several different applications, and it worked just like you said it would. Now that I found Pet Force, I don’t have to keep looking around for another urine control product. I am not impressed easily, but was certainly impressed with your product. Thanks for your time.
— Allen Cray, AC Carpet Care