Pet Force is a professional strength bio-based formula guaranteed to break down & permanently eliminate any stain or odor associated with urine, feces, vomit, blood, food, grass, grease & dirt. Pet Force is a safe pet odor eliminator to use on all carpets, upholstery, clothing, bedding and floor surfaces (including wood, tile, vinyl, concrete, marble & dirt).

As a concentrate, Pet Force can be diluted up to 8:1 with water, depending on intended usage. Our powerful pet odor removal formula is tough on stains yet completely safe to use around children & pets.


Pet Force is a powerful concentration of enzyme-producing bacteria that are able to deeply penetrate all types of fabrics to remove stains & odors at their source. The bio-enzymatic cleaning action of Pet Force makes it one of the most effective stain & pet odor removal products available today.

Learn how to use Pet Force to remove pet urine from your carpet

Consider some of the uses for Pet Force:

Carpets & Rugs

Acts as a pet odor eliminator to deeply remove stains from fibers, padding, and even sub-floors.

Upholstery, pet bedding & clothing

Safely removes pet stains & odors without damaging or discoloring most fabrics.

Skunk Odors

Highly effective skunk odor eliminator can be used on clothing, pet bedding, and even the pet itself.

Hard Surfaces

Can be used on most wood, tile, linoleum, stone, concrete, and dirt floors to remove pet messes and odors.

Cages, carriers, & crates

Use to clean and deodorize dog, cat and small animal enclosures.


Add to the wash cycle to remove or prevent musty odors in clothing and front-loading washing machines.






I just wanted to express my DEEPEST appreciation & gratitude for your Pet Force pet odor removal product. It is not a good feeling when your cat pees all over your clothes & floor. That Pet Force is effective & it smells good is… relieving. I just can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU.
— James

I specialize in urine contamination treatment, so I’ve worked on hundreds of dog and cat urine problems over the years, and I’ve never found anything that works quite like Pet Force. I tried it on several different applications, and it worked just like you said it would. Now that I found Pet Force, I don’t have to keep looking around for another urine control product. I am not impressed easily, but was certainly impressed with your product. Thanks for your time.
— Allen Cray, AC Carpet Care