Power Max is a highly concentrated mixture of naturally occurring bacteria & enzymes ideal for safely opening clogged drains & preventing the build up that often leads to unexpected plumbing failure. Power Max is the professional solution for drain maintenance in apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, prisons, restaurants, government facilities, golf courses, parks, hotels, and homes.

This non-toxic formula is recommended for use where liability, personal safety & environmental impact restraints prevent the use of caustic or an acidic drain opener. By incorporating the regular use of Power Max as drain maintenance & deodorizer, the build-up that typically leads to clogged piping can be avoided in almost all cases. Power Max will not harm piping, valves or seals, can be safely used in standing water & adds beneficial microbes to septic systems. It safely removes build-up in old piping, eliminates foul odors in piping & drains, is non-toxic, non-poisonous & environmentally friendly. Additional benefits include:


Safe & Natural Ingredients

Another quick-acting drain opener may be are highly caustic or highly acidic – so much so that their use is prohibited by various organizations in many locales. In fact, many companies refuse to sell these corrosive products because of the substantial liability risks involved. Power Max is a safe & natural blend of beneficial bacteria & enzymes that will not harm humans or animals.


Avoid costly plumbing bills by using on a regular basis to prevent build-up in piping. All it takes is 1-2 ounces per month!

Positive Environmental Impact

The friendly bacteria & enzymes in Power Max actually benefit septic systems, dump station facilities & sewage treatment plants, thereby providing a positive impact to the surrounding water & soil.

NOTE: Power Max will not work on hard clogs involving plastic, rubber, roots, cloth, metal or other similar non-digestible materials.

Potential uses for Power Max (other than drain opener):

  • Grease trap maintainer
  • Garbage disposal deodorizer
  • Bathroom floor deodorizer (particularly public or high use areas)
  • Drain deodorizer in health clubs and spas
  • Floor degreaser in commercial kitchens
  • Trash can or dumpster deodorizer
  • Washing machine deodorizer
  • RV or marine holding tank treatment