Pet Force 1 Quart Stain & Odor Eliminator


Product Description

Pet Force is a powerful concentration of natural, safe & environmentally friendly enzyme-producing bacteria designed to eliminate pet stains & odors. While most products are able to effectively remove surface stains & odors, they lack the ingredients to break down & clean the deeply embedded ones so commonly associated with urine, cat spray & other pet messes.

Pet Force utilizes billions of enzyme-producing & bacteria that are able to deeply penetrate all types of fabrics remove stains & odors at their source. Pet Force is the #1 choice among pet owners to safely, economically & effectively remove all types of pet stains & odors. Advantages include high concentration (mix 8 to 1 with water), superior performance on urine, cat spray, vomit, feces & can be applied directly to your pet to eliminate skunk odors. It is safe for virtually all fabrics, can be used in all carpet cleaning machines & is 100% natural, organic & biodegradable.

Additional benefits include:

No alcohol or chemicals – Alcohol is a very common ingredient in many of the popular pet stain & odor removers. Alcohol & other similar chemicals work well for surface cleaning, but that is about all. Some of these cleaning solvents have been known to discolor delicate fabrics & they are not usually tolerated well by people & animals with sensitive skin.

Mold & mildew protection – Pet Force contains a mildicide that inhibits mold & mildew growth in moist areas such as carpet padding, pet beds & upholstery.

Economical – As a concentrate, Pet Force can be up to 8 times less expense than the typical ready-to-use pet stain & odor remover.

Non-hazardous formula – Many of the household cleaners widely used today have certain health risks associated with their use, everything from minor skin reactions to death. Pet Force contains all natural ingredients which are completely safe to use around children & pets & are actually beneficial to septic systems & municipal waste treatment facilities.”

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs