As wastewater runs into a septic system, naturally occurring bacteria will break down much of the organic matter. This organic matter can then form a scum layer on the top of your tank and sludge layer on the bottom and these layers can interfere with your septic tank’s regular function.
The optimal way to ensure septic system maintenance is to keep the organic matter contained in the sludge & the scum layer to a minimum. These buildups can cause system sluggishness to complete system failure. The only way to avoid them is to have regular septic maintenance.

OP Products is pleased to offer two fine, natural products to aid in the maintenance and care of your plumbing system.  For general septic system maintenance, SEPTIC POWER is the premiere organic product on the market. If your issue has moved beyond septic maintenance and you need help with a clogged drain, POWER MAX will be your saving grace.


System Maintenance


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Drain De-clogger


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— James

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— Allen Cray, AC Carpet Care