Septic Power is the ideal product for rejuvenating a misused or abused septic system, or for simply maintaining good septic maintenance. Septic Power can help to prolong the useful life of your system, has a very low cost per treatment & can actually reduce sludge build-up in a septic system.

Septic Power’s high bacteria count & it’s multiple bacteria strains work to dissolve all organic solids, reducing the frequency of pump-outs and can prolong the useful life of your system.

As waste water runs into a septic system, naturally occurring bacteria will break down much of the organic matter. The organic matter that floats forms a scum layer & the waste that settles to the bottom is called sludge. Adding Septic Power to a healthy system will help keep the organic matter contained in the sludge & the scum layer to a minimum, reducing the impact that harsh household cleaners or solids can have on your septic system.

Septic System Maintenance:

In our modern world it is almost impossible to completely avoid the use of bleaches, acids, disinfectants, detergents, formaldehyde & other products harmful to septic maintenance. As a practical alternative, use of these products should be minimized & the system should be periodically maintained with a high quality bacterial-enzyme additive such as Septic Power to achieve optimal septic system maintenance.

NOTE: Paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, cotton balls, paper towels, or food waste should never be allowed to enter a septic system!